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Walk on the Wool Side

Powerpoint program/lecture with a concentration on how to use wool in quilting and sewing projects, from traditional blanket-stitched applique to needle-felted art quilts. I also bring samples to correspond with the slide show, which serves to inspire attendees to try their hand at using wool in their creative designs. I have patterns, kits, and woolfelt for many of the projects I can bring. I can also bring models from some of the numerous designs I've done for magazines. We'll need a screen or white wall for the powerpoint program.

Wild about Wool

This lecture covers a smorgasboard of techniques for working with wool, from the traditional blanket-stitched applique to cutting edge techniques with needle-felting and fibers. With lots of tips and tricks included (such as dyeing wool with kitchen products in the microwave), this presentation includes a variety of samples to inspire the listener, including some that are not in my patterns, such as wearable art. I'll be happy to bring a sampling of my patterns, Woolfelt and kits for purchase as well.

Wild Wooly Wearables

Similar to the previous program, this presentation concentrates on wearable art such as hats, purses, tote bags, scarves, jackets and clothing, still including lots of tips for the viewer and samples for inspiration. I have won numerous awards for my wearable art, and will bring these one-of-a-kind garments for the attendees' viewing pleasure.

Fun with Fibers

This program concentrates on fiber art such as needle-felting, wet-felting, and nuno-felting. Again I include lots of tips and samples for inspiration, and also demo a couple of basic felting techniques. I develop classes in fiber art which I have taught across the country, from basic felted soap classes for kids to the more complex nuno-felted scarves of hand-dyed silk chiffon, wool, and bamboo fibers.

Fees: Travel, accomodations and food costs to be covered by hosts. Please email me for fee schedule for lectures and classes.


These are some of my most popular classes. In addition, many of my patterns (shown on the Patterns Page) are also suitable for workshops; please email me for class availability and pricing.
Pincushion-of-the-Month Club

Learn to make a fun ‘n easy pincushion in wool or cotton complete with decorative pins and a special base - a new design for every month! Practical, decorative, and they make great gifts, these can be taught individually or in a series. Kits available; most pincushions are half-day. See Patterns Page for more pincushion pattern choices (pattern required.)
Seasonal Placemats (shown: Christmas Placemat)

My placemat patterns are some of my most popular designs! Students can usually complete a placemat in this half-day class, once they learn the technique they can make more at home. Or use one as a table centerpiece! Many styles available; choose from #188 "Christmas Placemats" (shown), #196 "Easter Egg Placemats", #195 "Pumpkin Placemats", #192 "Rosey-posie Placemats", and more. See the Patterns Page for choices. Great for beginners or the sewist wanting to make a quick 'n easy gift, each style offers a basic quilting technique such as crazy quilting (#192), stitch 'n flip (#196), using jelly-rolls (#184), etc. Most styles are either fat-quarter friendly or use pre-cuts to assemble.
Wooly Flower Basket

Students will create a variety of beautiful hand-dyed woolfelt flowers to embellish this sweet 7" x 10" woolfelt basket. We'll also learn a bit of stitchery to enhance their project. Kits available for this half-day class.
Wooly Mixed-media

We'll adorn our wool with rich swirls of color to create a beautiful art piece in the students' favorite hues. We'll also dye embellishments to match. Students will explore fun techniques such as marbling, stencilling, needle-felting, and creating funky beads, all using wool. Their unique creation will be ready to jazz up their next project: art journal cover, shoulder bag, brag book, cell phone case, etc. Half-day class, or full-day to complete a finished project (purse etc.)
Cozy Cloche

This pretty lined hat sews up fast and can be made in all kinds of fabrics: cottons, knits, fleece, Woolfelt, and batiks. Have fun with embellishments as you make these up for yourself, as a gift, or for your special friend undergoing cancer treatments. Sizes Sm-Lg; pattern required. Half day class.

Nuno-felted Scarf

Wet-felt a beautiful scarf of sumptuous hand-dyed silk chiffon, coordinating wool fibers and novelty fibers for a unique wearable work of art that’s light as a feather! This technique is fun and a bit messy, also somewhat physical. Kit required, I have an array of beautiful colors: rose, turquoise, green, purple & more. All day class.
Lattice Scarf

Learn to wet-felt a beautiful lattice-style scarf of hand-dyed merino wool fibers embellished with novelty yarns, silk, bamboo, and Angelina fibers to add a touch of sparkle. This unique work of art can be worn as a cozy scarf or used as a fun table runner. Kit required for this all-day class; I have all colors.
Wet-felted Flower

Learn to wet-felt beautiful flowers of hand-dyed merino wool fibers, silk, and sparkly Angelina fibers to add a bit of bling to your precious posey. Perfect to make a flower brooch to wear or to enhance your favorite hat, purse or wall hanging, this is a great class for both beginners and the more experienced felter. Students will learn to make pre-felt, a technique that can be used in lots of other felting projects; how to add dimension to a felted piece; how to make those cute wool beads that can also be used to make jewelry; and how to make a curly tendril or short vine. All skill levels. Kit required for this half-day class; I have all colors.
Wool Bead Earrings

Learn to wet-felt beautiful beads of wool fibers and create a couple of pairs of wool bead earrings to coordinate with your favorite ensemble. Instructor will bring wool fibers and sparkly Angelina fibers to add a bit of bling to your wooly "jewels", as well as the jewelry components and novelty beads to enhance your creations. Kit required for this half-day class; I have all colors.
Wool Beads Bracelet

Learn to wet-felt beads from wool fibers and sparkly Angelina fibefs and make a bracelet out of them. The same technique can be used to make beads for earrings, necklaces, button closures, embellishments, etc. Kit required (I have a variety of colors) including wool fibers, coordinating novelty beads, and bead string. Half-day class.
Felted Soap

Learn to wet-felt soap with wool fibers to use in cleansing hands or in the shower - it's like a built-in loofah! Great for beginners or felters wanting to make a quick gift, this easy class uses soap, wool fibers, and a bit of bamboo or silk fibers to add a novelty touch. Great for kids too! Kit required for this half-day class; I have all colors.
Wet-felted Vessel

Learn to wet-felt a unique wool vessel of hand-dyed merino wool fibers embellished with silk, bamboo, and Angelina fibers to add a touch of sparkle. This one-of-a-kind work of art can be used to hold pens, brushes and art supplies, sewing tools, silk flowers, candy and more. Kit required for this all-day class; I have all colors.
Needle-felt Sweater Purse

In this class we’ll “upcycle” a felted wool sweater into a beautiful needle-felt bag using fibers, yarns, silk and novelty fabrics. Needle-felt machine helpful; needle-felting tools (needles, foam etc.) available for purchase. Kits available. Full day class to finish the purse, or half-day for the needle-felting only with instructions provided to finish at home. Pattern required.
Needle-felt Wrap

Learn to needle-felt and make this striking wrap of wool or acrylic blend fabric embellished with hand-dyed merino wool fibers, yarns and hand-dyed silk leaves. Pattern required; kits available. Needle-felt machine helpful; felting tools available for purchase. Full day class.
Needle-felt Pocket Tote

Learn basic needle-felting and additional tips and tricks as we needle-felt by hand the background for a simple tote bag with outside pockets. (This could also be a pillow, quilt block, picture, etc.) Half-day class. Then finish this easy bag with coordinating batik or cotton print fabrics (Full day class.) Pattern required.

Dyeing fibers/Geode pincushion

Have fun dyeing wool fibers with Wilton icing gels in the microwave! Then use your fibers to create your own personal geode pincushion and wearable geode pin - each one is different, a unique piece of art! And your pins and needles will love the wool. Half day class. Kits available.
Leaf Amulet Bag

Use your favorite fall colors of wool fibers to needle-felt an autumn leaf to embellish this wearable pocket necklace - great for stashing money, cards, swatches, etc. Finish the bag with some simple stitchery, and learn to wet-felt a wool bead for the closure - a skill you can use later to make jewelry and embellishments. Kits available; half day class.


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