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Walk on the Wool Side
Powerpoint program/lecture with a concentration on how to use wool in quilting and sewing projects, from traditional blanket-stitched applique to needle-felted art quilts. I also bring samples to correspond with the slide show, which serves to inspire attendees to try their hand at using wool in their creative designs. I have patterns, kits, and wool felt for many of the projects I can bring. I can also bring models from some of the numerous designs I've done for magazines. We'll need a screen or white wall for the PowerPoint program.

Wild about Wool
This lecture covers a smorgasbord of techniques for working with wool, from the traditional blanket-stitched applique to cutting edge techniques with needle-felting and fibers. With lots of tips and tricks included (such as dyeing wool with kitchen products in the microwave), this presentation includes a variety of samples to inspire the listener, including some that are not in my patterns, such as wearable art. I'll be happy to bring a sampling of my patterns, Woolfelt, and kits for purchase as well.

Wild Wooly Wearables
Similar to the previous program, this presentation concentrates on wearable art such as hats, purses, tote bags, scarves, jackets, and clothing, still including lots of tips for the viewer and samples for inspiration. I have won numerous awards for my wearable art and will bring these one-of-a-kind garments for the attendees' viewing pleasure.

Felting 101
This program concentrates on fiber art such as needle-felting, wet-felting, and nuno-felting. Again I include lots of tips and samples for inspiration and also demo a couple of basic felting techniques. I develop classes in fiber art which I have taught across the country, from basic felted soap classes for kids to the more complex Nuno-felted scarves of hand-dyed silk chiffon, wool, and bamboo fibers.

Fees: Travel, accommodations, and food costs to be covered by hosts. Please email me for a fee schedule for lectures and classes.


I teach a variety of classes including sewing, felting and dyeing. These are some of my most popular classes. In addition, many of my patterns (shown on the Patterns Page) are also suitable for workshops; please email me for class availability and pricing. ZOOM classes now available!


“It was wonderful, I came to the class knowing NOTHING about felting, and found it fun to explore a different art form outside of my realm of experience. I also went home with a lovely new scarf and some cool ideas of textures to explore in another scarf and the pottery I do.”

“The class was wonderful and left me wanting to learn more.”

“The instructor provided high quality and artistic materials. She spent a lot of time with each student encouraging, helping and sharing.”

One Heart, One World
Click on the heart for free pattern and instructions