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Woolfelt is perfect for applique and more, it never frays! No need for fusible web, just pin and sew!

To add texture to your Woolfelt, please follow the instructions below:

Directions for Pre-shrinking Woolfelt:

1. Wet in cool water in a sink or basin; do not rub or agitate. Wet each color separately (some dye may be released into the water; this is normal.)
2. Gently squeeze Woolfelt by hand to remove excess water - do not wring.
3. Place in a clothes dryer until nearly dry; do not overdry. Dry light colors separately from dark colors.
4. Lay flat to finish drying, carefully smoothing out wrinkles by hand. Woolfelt can be steamed or ironed to remove remaining wrinkles as desired. Some shrinkage will occur, usually no more than 5-10% in length. The Woolfelt will soften and obtain a beautiful sherpa-like texture.
5. Note: For items that require more stabiity or body such as hats, do not pre-shrink. Also, Woolfelt for projects that will not be washed (such as Christmas ornaments or pincushions) doesn't have to be pre-shrunk unless you want to add texture.

12" x 18" square

36" Squares

By the Yard

Woolfelt Pre-shrinking

100% Woolfelt 5" Charmpacks

Hand-dyed Wool

Square Assortments


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Hay Bale - 12" x 18" Square


Beach Sand - 12" x 18" Square


Beige - 12" x 18" Square


Vanilla Latte - 12" x 18" Square


Camel - 12" x 18" Square


Bewitching Brown - 12" x 18" Square


Muddy Waters - 12" x 18" Square


Teddy Bear Brown - 12" x 18" Square


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